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Last Updated: 09/20/2021

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Visit your local Guilford store where our flooring experts will assist you in choosing the hardwood flooring types and styles to fit your needs.

Understand Product Variations

Many factors determine how your floor will look. Consider how much natural variation there is in the grain and coloring of a wood, a range that contributes to wood's endless appeal. How shiny the wood appears varies according to a gloss level rated as matte (low), satin (medium) or gloss (high). A matte finish helps to maintain your floors appearance in high traffic areas, while high gloss finishes will add elegance and grandeur to a formal space.

Visit your local Guilford store and use these icons to make your decision easier.

Choose Your Ending

Even the configuration of the strip's edge contributes to the look of the installed hardwood floor. Many strips (or planks - the wider version) offer you the choice of square edge (smooth and flat surface), micro bevel (mild bevel that can be felt with the fingertips), or full bevel (forming a strong groove to visually separate the strips and focus your eye on grain line).

All these elements make a difference in how your hardwood floor will look: our Guilford Icons identify those differences so you're sure to get the look you want. Don't forget to check out Installation to learn all about the little details that make a big difference when transitioning from old floors to new.

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Beyond these very tangible day to day benefits of rugs over hardwood you have the aesthetic affect. While hardwood floors can be stunning, rugs can give your living space a personal, homey touch that wood flooring lacks. Rugs come in a never ending array of colors, shapes and patterns. This diversity gives you almost unlimited freedom in decorating your home to fit your needs perfectly. Whether you want something exotic, classic or modern in appearance, there is a perfect rug for you. The same thing cannot be said for hardwood. While patterns are possible, the variety in color is very limited, and the price rises quickly as complexity increases.

Rugs offer an array of features that cannot be attained with hardwood floors. Furthermore, carpets can match wood floors in beauty. If you are looking for a way to save yourself money on heat bills and stress on maintenance, then go with rugs for your floors.

Oak Wood Flooring in Guilford Ct

A good quality hardwood flooring will serve a house for many years, it creates a perfect setting for a nice and warm house, the hardwood is certainly for those who like to build their house as a warm and friendly place, wood furniture and warm colored walls will make a house with hardwood floors look right at any time and for any propose, the only question is on what shade of wood will the home owner go.

The advantages of having a hardwood floor is that it is relatively easy to clean and that in the last few years there have been a lot of cleaning products that have been developed exclusively for cleaning hardwood, it is also true that natural wood will collect less dirt and dust than other materials so the mere fact of having hardwood will keep the house a little cleaner, and making your life a little easier if you have kids and you worry about the air quality in your house and dust levels in the kids rooms.

For those in the market for a new hardwood flooring there are a few basic questions they will need to think about, the costs are an important part of hardwood floors and the whole design that comes with them is also an issue and maintenance is not such a big deal. Only one thing is sure, if you get quality hardwood floors you will enjoy a unique feature and in a very short time you will not understand how you could have lived in a space that had no wood floors.



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