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Last Updated: 09/20/2021

Natural Wood Flooring in Unionville Ct

Do you have hardwood floors that could use some work? Would you like to get them in shape but can not stand the mess of traditional wood floor refinishing or can not pay the price? If you answered yes then you are in luck. Today many carpet cleaners have started using a dustless wood floor refinishing system. Read this article for some information on this method of wood floor refinishing.

Floors have become increasingly popular over the years. When these floors start showing their age you have two choices. You can go the traditional route and have someone come in and sand he floor and then apply a new topcoat. This is the most expensive option and can leave your home full of dust and smelly fumes. It can also take days to finish leaving your house in chaos. The other option is to use a new technique that is now available. That techniques is dustless refinishing. The process is simple. The technician will lightly scuff the floor and use a chemical to etch it and prepare it for the new topcoat. Then they fix any minor scratches and damage to the wood floor. Finally they then apply the new topcoat and are finished without all of the mess. You can have your floors back in a day instead of days. This process is also much cheaper than traditional sanding only costing a fraction of the full price. This process is not for everyone though. If your floors are in very bad shape you might have to have them completely sanded down to good wood. This process is for floors that are worn but not damaged.

If you think you might be interested in having this process done to your floors, call a cleaning company in your area that performs it. It should not be too hard to find one. You will thank yourself when you see your wood floors shining again.

Engineered Wood Flooring Installation in Unionville Ct

Every area rug needs a rug pad and every hardwood floor with an area rug on it needs a rug pad. The rug pad will prove to offer protection and safety to any hardwood floor as it prevents scratches and pressure from penetrating through to the floor. In the case of best protection, put away those mesh looking rug pads and choose more of a solid and dense felt rug pad.

Felt rug pads have become the choice in hardwood floor protection. A felt rug pad can be very dense to prevent any amount of weight and pressure from coming through the rug to damage the floor. The right quality felt rug pad can also prevent discoloration and staining of hardwood floors, a common issue.

Hardwood floors can experience damage from scratches from the backs of area rugs, as well as from pressure in the form of dents to the floor. A 40 ounce dense felt rug pad acts as a protective barrier between your area rug and hardwood floor. This prevents any scratches or dents to the floor because the dense rug pad resists the pressure that can normally penetrate through an area rug to damage the floor.

To assure the proper protection of your hardwood floors, be sure to choose a felt rug pad that does not contain any adhesives. rug pads today have a coating of adhesive on them to keep the felt together and keep it from shedding. Try to avoid such rug pads and instead, find one that is put together with heat pressing. This process packs the felt and keeps it intact without the use of adhesives. Because the felt is soft, it also does not pose any risk of scratching the hardwood floor.




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