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Last Updated: 07/31/2021

Walnut Flooring in Rhode Island

Because water is one of wood flooring's worst enemies - it can cause the wood to warp as well as stain - it's important not to wet mop your hardwood floors, no matter how much you may be tempted. When in doubt, always follow the manufacturer's recommendations. For example, laminate flooring can be designed to look like hardwood floors; sellers of laminate flooring typically do not recommend cleaning with water. If you come across a particularly hard-to-clean stain, check with a hardwood flooring contractor for safe cleaning methods that won't blemish your hardwood floors.

Depending on your floor's finish, you may also need to wax and polish your wood floors regularly, at least once a year, to ensure your flooring remains as protected as possible. If you're just too busy to carry out this hefty maintenance task, contract with a hardwood flooring contractor.

Distressed Wood Flooring in Rhode Island

What is great about commercial laminate floorings is that they are cost efficient, durable and has a lot of designs to choose from. On the other hand, these commercial laminate floorings are made from the best qualities and are engineered to be resistant to adverse environmental factors like moisture and varying temperatures.

Commercial laminate floorings come in several types and styles. When buying this type of floor coverings, it is important that you choose the one that suits best for your home. In this light, here are the types of commercial laminate floorings that you can use for your home to improve the appearance of your floors.

Hardwood floors Rhode Island

There are a lot of hardwood floors that are available at your local home improvement shops. You can buy from stand woods like pine and oak to a more exotic wood such asian cherry and more. The great thing about them is that they can take the appearance of almost all types of hardwood even if they are made from fibers bonded together using resin and other materials.

Stone floors in Rhode Island

This floor is made from smaller stones like slate, marble and other stones with high economic value bonded together in resin to hold them together. Unlike other flooring materials that use stone slabs, this floor utilizes the stones that are considered as wastes in the production line. Since this is the case, this particular floor costs cheaper than if you would buy big stone slabs for your floor.

Tile floors near me Rhode Island

Reported by laminate flooring reviews, this floor is made from different types of tiles that are bonded together to create a unique piece of flooring material. What is great about this floor is that the tiles can take on a creative design depending on the artistry of the designer.

Laying Wood Flooring in Rhode Island

Most flooring stores will be buying the flooring they are selling to you from a distributor who purchases the flooring from the manufacturer. Sometime, especially with products coming from overseas there is more than one distributor involved. In many cases if you have an issue with your flooring and complain to the retailer they will call the distributor and let them know there is a complaint, the distributor will tell the manufacturer there has been a complaint.

Questions to Ask Your Rhode Island Hardwood Flooring Supplier Before Purchasing

In most cases the manufacturer will deny the complaint and if you are lucky they will even send a representative to deny your claim in person. Most Rhode Island retailers would correct a manufacturing problem to make their customers happy because they are the ones dealing with the customers face to face but in reality they do not have the final say unless they want to replace the flooring out of their own pocket. The manufacturer is so far removed from the actual client that they know it is better for their bottom line to deny the claims and assume they will never have to deal with the issue because they are so protected by their warranties. Picture a person at a desk with a pile of hardwood flooring claims on their desk with a big stamp that says "denied".

Durability is probably the most important things to consider when purchasing a prefinished hardwood floor. The finish is what you are actually walking on and must be very durable to have a beautiful lasting floor for years to come. Many imported prefinished floors have very little durability and the finish can be taken off with a few swipes of 150 grit sandpaper.


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